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My brother needed an application to track employees, locations and schedules. There are loads of application out there that do this, but he wanted one especially for scheduling teachers. I looked at lots of open source projects but none seem to do what I wanted so I opted to make one from scratch. This project has a built in calendar page where you can view all the schedules for your company by day, week or month. It uses the angular calendar library:

It uses the async data pull to fill the calendar from the REST API. This project also has charts showing employee completion rates per month. It uses the highcharts library:

The resulting project is based at:

Start by creating your own business. This is a two step process where you enter your company information and then some information for logging you into the system. After you set yourself up with a company, you can start entering locations, then employees and then schedules. This application is modeled on the popular scheduling application Homebase. Homebase is a very nice project with loads of features and my application is nowhere near as complete. But, it is a start so have a look.

You can get the code from github:

The backend REST API was made with Django which is also available on github:

If you just want to demo the app, user the email: and for password use joe12345

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