KNSJ Radio Android App

Live Streaming Android App for KNSJ Radio 89.1 FM

This is a simple (some might say very simple) android application that will stream live audio from KNSJ Radio, 89.1 FM. The application consists solely of a logo and two buttons. When the user clicks the ‘Play’ button, the audio stream will play in the background. The audio stream will continue even if you open other applications on the phone or tablet. The other button is the ‘Stop’ button and as the astute reader will know, it stops the audio. And that is it. Short and simple. I saw some other apps for other radio stations and they have more bells and whistles, but hey, it’s a radio station. You are meant to listen, not to play around with bells and whistles. Here is a screenshot of the application:

KNSJ Radio Android App

Any feedback is most welcome, especially the constructive kind.

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